Local seo case study for a Plumbing Company

Project Overview

The company is known for its expert plumbing services in residential and commercial areas in Seattle, WA. 

They faced significant challenges in expanding their online presence and wanted to establish online visibility and increase website traffic to attract local clients.

 My approach was to analyze the current SEO performance by conducting an SEO audit, performing a competitor analysis, and then creating a local SEO strategy.

The Challenge we faced

The main problems I found during the audit:

  • Lack of engaging content
  • Low-quality backlink profile
  • Poor online presence
  • Technical issues

My strategy and Implementation

Optimized Existing Content

I focused on existing content that needed to be enhanced. I identified content that could be updated with fresh and up-to-date information.

Local Keywords Research

I conducted local keyword research to find new commercial and informational keywords. Commercial keywords were assigned to the services page, and informational keywords were assigned to the blog section.

Content Strategy Development

I created content for all the services pages and developed dedicated service pages for each plumbing service offered. I then created a content calendar for the blog section, focusing on educational and engaging content about plumbing issues and solutions.

Technical SEO Improvements

After the content optimization, I moved on to technical SEO. I optimized the website's technical issues, solved some indexing problems, improved page speed, and implemented schema.

Quality Backlink Building

I acquired backlinks from local bloggers and local news by collaborating with them. I listed the business in reputable local business directories and reached out to industry-related websites for backlinks. I also encouraged the business owner to host charity events, local events, and enter local business awards. These are powerful backlinks for local businesses.

Online Review Management

Their online review profile was very weak. I assisted them in building and managing their online reviews using BrightLocal tools.

Results that we achieved


Our tailored Local SEO strategy for limousines company  improved their online visibility and user engagement and significantly boosted customer inquiries and service bookings. 

This case study demonstrates the power of a well-structured SEO approach in transforming a local business’s digital footprint.

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