Local seo case study for Electrical business

Project Overview

This case study focuses on a local business based in Seattle that provides electrical services. They wanted to increase visitors to their website and reach more customers. 

My approach was to understand their business, analyze their target audience, assess their online presence, and evaluate their current SEO performance with an SEO audit. Then, I developed and implemented a local SEO strategy.

The Main Challenges They Faced

  • Outdated, poor-quality website.
  • Lack of quality content.
  • Missing Google Business Profile (the heart of local business).
  • Indexing issues: some service pages were not indexed on Google.
  • Numerous technical problems on the website.
  • Weak backlinks profile and low online activity.
  • Low social media activity.

Our strategy and Implementation

Google Business Profile

Created and verified a Google Business Profile with the help of the business owner. Completed the profile with business information, optimized the description with target keywords, added real business images, added all services with descriptions, and published posts once a week.

Keyword Research

Conducted local keyword research to identify relevant business keywords. Mapped these keywords to the home page and other service-related pages, setting one primary keyword along with several secondary keywords.

Competitor Analysis

Conducted an in-depth competitor analysis to understand the strategies and weaknesses of other players in the market. Analyzed various aspects such as content, backlinks, and Google Business Profile listings.

Website Structure

Improved the website structure to make it user-friendly. Simplified the menu bar and created dedicated service pages for each service.

Content Strategy Revamp

Developed a robust content plan focusing on commercial and informational content. Created dedicated service pages and published commercial content. Additionally, developed a blog content strategy addressing common electrical issues, tips, and how-to guides.

On-Page SEO and Technical Improvements:

Made significant on-page SEO optimizations for every service page and blog content. Addressed all technical issues such as low page speed, schema errors, and broken links.

Building Quality Backlinks

Implemented an off-page SEO strategy emphasizing quality backlink acquisition. Focused on guest posting with local bloggers in the Washington area, resulting in 14 guest post backlinks. Also reached out to local news outlets for PR and created foundational backlinks on a monthly basis.

Online Reviews

Helped them build a strong online review profile by creating listings on niche-related review sites and using review management tools like BrightLocal to manage all reviews in one place. Showcased online reviews on their website for better conversion rates.

Local Citation Consistency

Used citation creation tools like BrightLocal. Logged details in Google Sheets and reviewed all citations for accuracy monthly.

Social Media Profile Optimization

optimized all the social media profiles and made a content calendar to engage with audiences.

Results that we achieved


Our tailored SEO strategy improved their online visibility and user engagement and significantly boosted customer inquiries and service bookings. This case study demonstrates the power of a well-structured SEO approach in transforming a local business’s digital footprint.

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